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Author of 'No Hope From Nowhere', D&D geek, and part-time narrative designer. I'm also an advocate for accessibility rights, mental health awareness, and the LGBTQ+ community. My games endeavor to provide a safe space for people of all walks of life to engage and enjoy themselves without fear of judgment. As a GM, I've been running games for over two decades in a multitude of systems, alongside designing my own homebrew settings and publishing written works, including my debut novel. I prefer to encourage roleplay and character development first, with combat and puzzles secondary yet integral to the stories I help weave. Additionally, the following three rules are a staple of my games and servers, making them incredibly important to me and the communities I create: Respect: Respect and kindness are our top-tier loot here. No discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other real-life attribute. Let's keep the game fun for everyone and build a diverse and inclusive party of players. Any behavior that goes against this will result in a swift banhammer. Cooperation: Let's make this adventure a true ensemble performance! Share the spotlight, invite others to shine, and respect each character's moment. No solo acts here—think of it like jazz, where everyone gets their chance to improvise. Be mindful of each other's strengths, build on them, and don't be afraid to pass the narrative baton. Interrupting others' roleplaying? That's a critical fail. Let's weave this story together and make it an epic collaboration! Open Door: The GM's door is always ajar! If you've got questions, concerns, or just want to chat about the game, hit me up anytime. I'm here to keep the adventure smooth and fair. In case of in-game disputes, consider me the neutral NPC referee. My goal is to mediate before we roll for resolutions. Creating a safe and enjoyable space is the critical hit here, and you're always welcome to knock on my virtual door for a chat or clarification. Let's keep the lines of communication critical! (Pun Intended). If you'd like to know more or hire me to run a game for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always happy to offer a free consultation call to see if we'd be a fit. Wigs

GM style

I'm a narrative first GM, preferring to create living breathing worlds for my players to inhabit and allowing them to go out & explore at their own pace. In D&D this involves having a detailed world map, as well as a few cities/towns to visit, a list of NPCs to be encountered, and a plan to ad-lib many more. With other systems, such as those set in the World of Darkness, I like to make my cities breathe (unless they're filled with undead), so that it really feels like your characters inhabit the metropolis and have sway over it's direction. I love doing character voices, use Foundry VTT to manage combat and dungeon exploration, and put a huge emphasis on roleplaying. If my players spend a large portion, if not all, of a session developing their characters through conversation or exploration then I find that perfect. Combat is an inevitable and integral part of any tabletop game, but for me it is simply another narrative tool at my disposal.


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