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Author of 'No Hope From Nowhere', D&D geek, part-time narrative designer, and co-presenter of the Rkade Open podcast. I'm also an advocate for accessibility rights and mental health awareness. I've been DMing/STing games for over two decades now, in a multitude of systems, alongside designing my own homebrew settings and publishing written works. A friend informed me that maybe I would be well placed to DM professionally and having read up about the process I couldn't wait to get started.

GM style

I'm a narrative first GM, preferring to create living breathing worlds for my players to inhabit and allowing them to go out & explore at their own pace. In D&D this involves having a detailed world map, as well as a few cities/towns to visit, a list of NPCs to be encountered, and a plan to ad-lib many more. With other systems, such as those set in the World of Darkness, I like to make my cities breathe (unless they're filled with undead), so that it really feels like your characters inhabit the metropolis and have sway over it's direction. I love doing character voices, use Foundry VTT to manage combat and dungeon exploration, and put a huge emphasis on roleplaying. If my players spend a large portion, if not all, of a session developing their characters through conversation or exploration then I find that perfect. Combat is an inevitable and integral part of any tabletop game, but for me it is simply another narrative tool at my disposal.


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