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About me

I'm a 42 year old storyteller with way too many tales rattling around in my head. The only way to get them out is to share them, so I am here to do exactly that. My own gaming group has limited time and interest for the variety of games I'd love to explore, so I am hoping to find some kindred spirits here, and to tell great stories together. I am primarily interested in Scion 2e, but can provide offerings in most World of Darkness games, as well. In a pinch, I can give a fun experience with D&D 5e, also. Beyond that, let's talk. I need to stress that my games are inclusive and will always be a safe space for those who need one. I'm a proud member of the lgbtqia+ community. I am a reconnecting relative, as well. These influence me as a DM, GM, ST, and player. Which ultimately means I want everyone to be respected and have fun. Let's tell some great stories together, shall we?

GM style

1. Story is the reason I run games, so it's always my focal point. 2. Roleplay is a huge part of how we tell our story, so I will always encourage players to explore their comfort zones with RP. 3. We can always fix the fiction. You'll hear me say and explain this a lot. My greatest strength as a GM/DM/ST/SG, as far as I'm told, is how well I roll with the punches. I'm not asking for players to try to "put one over on me," but rather to trust that if you genuinely participate in the game, I will find ways to make your experience *your* experience. I hate saying no, and usually say "yes, but..." or at worst, "well, not quite, but..."


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