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Hywel Phillips

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40 years
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40 years
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About me

I love running roleplaying games! D&D gave me my start over 30 years ago. I've run LARPs, cooked banquets in-character for hundreds of players, dressed up in armour and hit people with big sticks in the SCA and Medieval re-enactment, run freeform games at conventions, and gone on holidays in castles just to run RPGs. I trained as a scientist (I worked on the DELPHI and ATLAS experiments at CERN), my photographic hobby turned into a career as a photographer and film-maker. Now my knees are giving out, my roleplaying hobby is turning into a career too! (My name is said "How-well" by the way. It's Welsh. As am I, unsurprisingly.)

GM style

The best games have the freedom to go where you want and do what you want. I'll dangle plots in front of you but it's up to you which ones you go for. The whole world is there for you to explore and talk with, as well as fight. D&D co-creator Dave Arneson said "I'm not interested in games where you can kill a dragon in gory detail and steal its treasure. I'm interested in games where you can SWINDLE the dragon out of its treasure". You can always try to swindle the dragon, or befriend it, or trick it, or convince it to go eat the evil Baron, or drop hints that the dragon in the next valley over has a much better treasure hoard. Or come up with a way to ambush it and skew the odds in your favour in a fight. I mean you still might get eaten alive, and the village might be toast, but the decision is YOURS. Even if we're playing a WOTC campaign pack with railroad tracks, you'll be in an off-roader and I'll run the game you want to play. You'll be part of a living and breathing world.

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