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About me

Welcome, ye travelers, ye vagabonds and nere-do-wells, welcome adventurers one and all! I'm new to this whole professional GM concept, but I am looking forward to joining this community, broadening my horizons and honing my craft. If you like adventure, legend and myth, if you seek glory, gold and renown, if you want to put a little more wonder in your life and in the world, come on up! Grab your dice, a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 and a bottle of Code Red. Let's roll!

GM style

My games usually have a well-balanced mix of elements. Plenty of fast-paced action with a healthy dash of discovery, a heap of drama and ample opportunities for creative expression. At my table, you will most likely find: - strong central tones and themes, with well-established settings for my players to explore and be a part of. - simple, flexible houserules and RAI. - a two-way conversation during character creation and play, to help bring your vision to life. - moments when investments pay off, in system mastery or in theatric scenes. - dynamic encounters that unfold organically, with high stakes and lots of emotion.

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