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About me

Hey, what's up? I've been running games for over seven years now, mostly in-person, and am working on translating those sessions over to VTTs to make them accessible for you. My game sessions are very player-forward, meaning I'm eager to build a world together with you. Pre-written scenarios will be a little more restrictive, but considering that I am mostly running Powered by the Apocalypse, there's not too much of that. TWs will be listed on those sessions, and safety tools will always be used irregardless. Don't be shy! Even if you're part of my horror games, I'm there to scare you in ways you like, not push your boundaries.

GM style

My GMing style is VERY heavy on the narrative. If I set my mind to run a specifically tactical game like D&D or Deadlands I can do it, but I am more likely to pick something where maps are used for flavour or as a reference in investigations than a full-fledged combat experience. Character voices are my weakness, although I do try. What I'm really good at is fleshing out character MOTIVATION. Anyone you speak to, they feel like their own person. You might not always know what they're thinking, but would you in real life? Another big part of my style is to reward players for good roleplay. It's your world, after all; if I can tell you're as invested as I am, I am going to give you extra opportunities to shine. If you want to jump in, but need a little help, I'll make sure to assist however you need me to.

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