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About me

I've been playing RPGs since I was 8 (in secret due to the "Satanic Panic" of the 80s!). I've DMed for new players and experienced players alike and have taught the game to hundreds of new players young and old. I love all sorts of games from silly to sinister (and a healthy mix of both). I bring a knowledge of both published modules and homebrew content (including my own homebrew world) and will work hard to ensure that everyone has a good time at our virtual table! I LOVE custom requests for games. Want me to run something? Let me know.

GM style

I try to run games that match my players' interests. Whether it's role play, roll play or a blend of the two, I try to create games where everyone has fun. I like to run games with humor, horror, high fantasy, low fantasy, you name it. I like challenging combats as well as challenging intrigue. My newest interest is "themed" campaigns: all dwarves, all bards, etc. My favorite part of GMing is presenting my players with problems and watching all the unique ways they solve them. No two adventures are alike, even with the same module and same players! I set most of my games in my homebrew world, a labor of love that grows in depth and breadth with each new campaign. All games contribute to the world lore and ongoing campaigns can even influence each other. I maintain a world where decisions matter and character action or inaction has real lasting consequences. I am skilled at improvising on the fly and have no problem rolling with it when my players go rogue. For me GMing is about tailoring the experience so that everyone gets to have fun (including me!). I have a ton of experience teaching new players and have no problem DMing a table of eager newbies, veteran gamers, or a mix of the two! I LOVE custom requests. Let me know what you want me to run!

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