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I'm a 42 year old forever dm by choice who has run games since I was in middle school, giving me about 30 years of experience with the hobby. Over those years, I've grown familiar with a hundred or more game systems, with my recent familiarity laying with Modiphius 2d20, Zweihander, and Pathfinder 2nd Edition. I try to craft settings that challenge the characters moral and individual being. Who was once a ally who was implicitly trusted could become, through tragedy, an enemy. My games are never easy, and not very permissive with rare or extreme character backgrounds, because I seek to cultivate a curated experience, and what is allowed and disallowed is done so to reinforce theme and Ludo narrative consonance.

GM style

Hello Everyone! I am a long-time veteran of tabletop roleplaying, and have about 30 years of experience gming. I have been the forever gm by choice for decades, and have developed a sort of sandbox style. When describing it, I'd say "not oblivion sandbox, more fallout New Vegas" Where I will create a complex web of events that will occur without player intervention. I like to use old school tools to create emergent gameplay. (Ones which are compatible with modern games) For instance, I like to create tables with sites and hooks tied into them, and put them on a random location table where players will stumble into them while traveling from point A to B. As far as Roleplay vs Combat, my guiding philosophy is for every challenge to have at least three avenues of resolving it. This lets the players decide how combat-heavy they want the game to be, depending on build and choices of engagement.

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