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About me

Hi there! I am a Games Master with nearly a decade's worth of experience and have run a number of games in D&D, SWFFG, Starfinder, Lancer, Basic Fantasy, Pokemon Tabletop United, and - my favourite so far - Pathfinder 2e. This hobby has somewhat taken over my life: be it my bi-weekly game that has been running for 6 years, various one-shots and mini-campaigns, play-by-post experiments, artwork, books... I'm rather enthusiastic. As my schedule has freed up somewhat, I now have space to run another Pathfinder 2e campaign using Foundry VTT's many bells and whistles to bring life to an already fantastic game. I like to see the rules as a launch-pad for creativity - allowing for Rule-of-Cool, Rules-as-Interpreted, andcreative resolutions - with a flexible and tactical game that balances all the way from level 1 to the end-game. I'm passionate, friendly, accommodating, and patient. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vet, you're welcome at my table.

GM style

With Pathfinder 2e, I use the rules as a springboard to allow for creativity. I like my players to feel inspired by their feats instead of shackled by them, and I will always reward the creative solution. It is still a tactical game, and there are myriads of rules to help maintain the balance of fulfilling and challenging combat with player power and an inspiring story. Luckily, I have a great knowledge of the game and know how far things can bend before they break. One of my favourite elements of storytelling is the characters, and I like each and every one of my players to feel like the protagonist of the story. You will each get a moment to shine, an arc to follow, and a fulfilling resolution to your story. I am a quick-thinker, and can adapt to most situations thrown at me by the players, and yet prepare myself for the paths clearly set ahead by the players and the story.


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