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[Heads Up: Solo / Duet / One-on-One gaming is possible, but it's the same effort on my part with only one paying player. Expect the cost to be quite a bit higher than 3 to 6 players, sharing the cost] HISTORY: I've been gaming for over 40 years (and 95% of the time, I'm the GM). Countless hours of face-to-face tabletop gaming, struggling like we all do to find schedules that match, I've been on a quest to run quality games, asynchronously. Play-by-Post It's been a wild ride, and included trying to find ways to game all-day and all-night. Prior to the internet we used Bulletin Boards (BBS) and netMail (predecessor to eMail). In the mid-90's and the advent of the WWW - we used forums, Yahoo Groups, eventually Google & Zoom Streaming, VTTs, and even Glide/Marco Polo (recording messages asynchronously). No matter what, there is always another new way to play, and that's my specialty. For now, let's use DISCORD! I've also worked as creative content writer, editor, and game designer for a few small companies over the years. I've published a few things, play-tested a LOT, and cos-played before they called it that. "That's what I do. I drink & I know things." ~ Tyrion Lannaster (Game of Thrones) Truth be told, I don't drink any more so ... "That's what I do. I roll dice &I know things." ~ GM Overseer (SPG)

GM style

My RPG buzzwords: Fun, funny, intriguing and shocking! ************************* I've been a tournament judge for so long, I tend to stick to the rules pretty closely. Most of them were created for a reason, but I'm reasonable. If I'm going to use RULE OF COOL, and fudge something - it's not going to break the game, but might have a really good reason why it worked. I like games based in realism (even if magic does alter that, sometimes). ----------------------------- Lastly, I DO NOT like linear campaigns where the GM picks the adventure and forces the group to stick to the path. I am more likely to throw all kinds of jobs, opportunities, rumors, observations, and ideas at you - in game and in character. You all decide which path to play in this vast sandbox of possibility. MY MOTTO: It's YOUR game, play it YOUR way!


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