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5 years
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3 years
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4 games

About me

I focus on helping players learn by the book mechanics. I try to make my encounters more challenging and my games typically use all of the skills and tools at the player's disposal.

GM style

I prefer to help players make their fantasies come to life. If you want to play a corgi bard I will help you do that. I make all my homebrew by the book and am definitely willing to reskin current spells to help you achieve your dream. The only problem is that DnD Beyond won't let me add homebrew without getting all of my players stuff and my stuff that is meant for one group and not for another all jumbled together. Currently trying to do things by the book as I have only DM'ed homebrew and although I enjoy it more, I want to be diverse enough to do both. I take into account everything your characters do and put on your sheets when creating an adventure making it more personal to you. If I am running a campaign by the book then it will be by the book. I love a flaw feat system as it allows you to add extra flavor do your characters. Besides that I am definitely more of a min maxing DM than a Roleplayer.

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