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About me

Hello hello! If you are here then you might be thinking of playing one in one of my games. I really appreciate your consideration so why don't I tell you a bit about myself? My name is Originalname but my friend call me Ori or Original. I have been playing D&D and other tabletop rpgs for 5 years while I have been Dming for 4 years, I pride myself on the fact that all my players have had fun in my campaigns, be it because the tone and atmosphere were really engaging or just because we have had a lot of fun due to the myriad of shenanigans the players are able to pull. I love dming and I have dmed for both newcomers and veterans from the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons era, I like to think that it's never late to learn how to play D&D while I also enjoy challenging both the dice andingenuity of my players. If you are paying for Dming services, you should be getting the best of the best and that's why i will give it my all to make every session special and fun for my players.

GM style

I love every part of GMing, I pride myself on the fact that my sessions usually involve both rp and combat with high stakes so it isn't just "Hit the bad guy till it dies" . Though it mostly depends on what the groups wants. I have played with quite a lot of people through the years so there's no group I can't adapt to. I love making interesting characters that the player can see as real living people, and while I may not be the best with voices, I strive to make each and every one memorable.

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