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About me

I started my journey to becoming a Dungeon Master for DnD5e because I was fascinated by the ability to turn stories I write into playable worlds that my friends and I could enjoy. From there I got more and more bewitched by the freedom of play that Dungeons and Dragons provided and the amazing moments it can provide like when a few bad rolls for me, a few lucky Nat 20s and a great plan leading to my players defeating the BBG that I had created for the campaign within their first encounter with her. Seeing how much they enjoyed something I created had me hooked. Now I have more stories and ideas than my two groups can manage, and I am looking to put them to good use giving other people the ability to have those awesome moments with their friends. I'm of the philosophy that if it's fun and viable then let's leave it to the dice. The few things you will want to know about me as a DM is that I am characters first, story writing second. I think the best way to write a good campaign is to find out about your heroes (or villains) first then write your story around the goals of these characters in a way that provides the characters a narrative in which they progress as people as well as puppets for the players, creating a more authentic and engaging narrative.

GM style

I really enjoy role-playing in tabletop games. I find that often the most memorable moments for players is when they interact with characters they love however I do understand that for some players they just are not comfortable role-playing their characters. When it comes to character voices, I've divided races up with accents from our world that I can do, although they are not region specific. (I'm not good enough to separate East German accents from West German accents yet. For example the high elf is a stereotypical French to emulate the elegance and delicacy that I would anticipate from their voices. Orcish races are Scottish due to one of my PC's deciding to play a half orc in a kilt which has stuck with me. I like to try and keep my stories in Faerun as it is the world I am best versed in however that also includes the other planes of existence linked to it, so it's hardly a small space. Additionally, I have learned how to run a gothic Victorian horror setting using systems from Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch by Monkey DM. When it comes to combat I like to take the tough, but fair approach for most fights however throw the occasional very difficult fight that will require proper tactics and teamwork to get out of alive. I am very pliable in the tone of the story whether that be serious with comedic moments, completely silly or true grimdark. If you couldn't tell by now I am all about making sure my players get to play the story they will enjoy and can connect because that's when we all can have the most fun.


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