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I’m a military veteran (a long time ago), a father of several wonderful children, and an amateur mythologist, poet, and philosopher. I've been playing and running games for 40 years, a partial list of which is on my home page. I’m partially disabled, and RPG content creation, streaming, running games, and stay at home parenting are my full time job. I’m mixed ethnicity (indigenous American and Gaelic), polyamorous, and progressive. I’m here to run games, and make that as easy and fulfilling as possible. I can run nearly any game, and that flexibility and wide knowledge improves all my games. I build deep, intense, and well-realized worlds, but my games and stories are player and player character focused. Feel free to contact me about running any setting on my Portfolio page!

GM style

I love deep RP, do a lot of voices and accents, and prefer theater of the mind with deep description, but am competent with vtts. In some cases I can really enjoy tactical combat if that's what the whole group is there for. I like deep, player and PC focused narratives that emerge primarily from player choices, but I also tend to build deep, intense, and thematically focused settings for play. Book me for a different experience than the published modules in whatever system you play.


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