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About me

Hey there, I'm Nyx! I've been DMing for nearly a decade, roleplaying from the other side of the screen longer, and hold the opinion that narrative and character driven stories are where TTRPGs truly shine. While I have a blast with one-shots, dungeon crawls, and monster-of-the-week style adventures (and run all of them), you will mostly see me offering my own homebrew short-form campaigns that I can tailor to our party and themes I wish to explore. To that end, my games normally have a focus on hard-hitting narratives and game design meant to really highlight that. I find that by honing in on what feels truly impactful in game with my prep work, I can cut the chaff that bogs down sessions and leaves a two month in-game plot stretched out over two years of real play: draining a paid player's wallet dry and sticking the satisfying conclusion to a campaign or character arc behind a paywall. Ideally, I want you to leave my game with the same feeling that you had after reading that one short story when you were younger. You know the one. For whatever reason, it wormed its way into the back of your mind like a parasite, and you still think about it every now and then all these years later. It didn't need to be a thousand page novel capturing each detail of every day of the journey, beginning to end. That short story hit like a truck because it focused on what it wanted to say, and said it well.

GM style

Roleplay - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Combat - 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Puzzles - 🌟🌟 Exploration - 🌟 As I mentioned above, I have a favored style: short-form campaigns, as the more narrow focus allows me to put more time and effort into individual elements that bring the world to life. The best way I can do this to a level I'm happy with providing for you in a paid game is by condensing it into a gut-punch of a story that can be told in two sessions, five sessions, ten, instead of being stretched out into a narrative that spans years of filler content to make it feel like a novel, as fun as that can be with the right game. _______________________________________________________________________ MY CAMPAIGN MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU IF: - You enjoy having the story of your games built from the ground up for your PC and party rather than being handed a module to work within the constraints of. - You like to explore darker themes in your TTRPG games given the wonderful way that roleplaying can take us out of our normal comfort zones. Our campaigns will always begin with a free Session 0, a section of which I will use to address lines, veils, and other safety tools that I utilize in every game with mature content beyond the scope of normal D&D things, no exceptions. - You are a fan of horror in general, with a particular love for the gothic, psychological, and eldritch sub-genres. I run all styles of games, but if I had to choose a single type to put in a highlight reel that really showed off what I can bring to life at the table, it would be these! ________________________________________________________________________ IT MAY BE WORTH RECONSIDERING IF: - You require absolute player freedom. I refuse to railroad players or take away agency, as this is a fundamental part of TTRPGs. However, some folks view anything less than the ability to turn your back on a story and go elsewhere as too constricting. My focused narratives are strengths that let me work on what is important to the campaign, but it requires some buy-in at times rather than flying off the rails. All of the prep-work and polish in the world can't bring to life a concept or scene that simply doesn't come up because the game I designed as "rescue the missing children" turned into "tavern managing simulator" along the way. - You come to a table with a character concept that is set in stone and will not adjust it. I consider myself a lenient DM, but part of my session 0 schedule is collaborative character creation. By all means, show up with an idea in mind and rough draft character sheet, I want you to be excited about your PC! Just be willing to be flexible in terms of adjusting your lone-wolf into someone who is solitary but has a reason to care about what is going on. My response to "it's what my character would do" when a player is refusing to interact with our story or roleplaying in a way that stops others from enjoying themselves is always going to be "and who made the character, knowing what style game we planned to play?"

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