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About me

Im a fairly new, but I think decent Gm who Loves power rangers, Transformers, Halo, and Dungeons & Dragons! I also love to stream my games! * I love the story telling aspect of ttrpgs, the character creation, ideas for characters. * I have been playing ttrpgs since 2019. * What makes me special, or so I have been told by players, as a gm is the fact I focus on individual character stories, and do pre session 1 solo sessions for players sometimes. * I bring unique stories and fun story telling to the table. * I try to focus on a mix of roleplay and combat, leaning more on the roleplay side, I am still new to making puzzles so I do them the least. * I see myself as a rule of cool kind of gm, as I dont heavily enforce RAW rules from the books, I follow them and try to make sure we play the games right, but I do alter rules as needed or I see fit. * Im still new to world building in settings like D&D, but for the other games I run such as Power Rangers and Transformers, I absolutely love worldbuilding for them. So expect fun unique stories original from me!

GM style

I love doing roleplay moments, with intensish fight scenes at times. I love to help players build up character stories within my universes. My stories tend to get dark at time so be warned. I will do solo sessions with individual players, if they so request or simply are ok with it, where we focus on their characters backstory and how they arrived to where the campaign starts, as well as future ones where they go off for short solo journeys.


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