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About me

Welcome adventurers of new and old! My name is Noelle and I bring creative storytellers, curious mystery solvers, and battle-hardened warriors together to face fun and challenging trials, wandering through worlds far from our own. Whether it be escaping a dungeon, searching for a lost artifact of legend, or defeating a world-endangering villain, I encourage my players to work together to find creative solutions to problems and to immerse themselves in the setting through roleplay. I’ve been playing roleplaying games since I was 14 years of age, giving me over a decade’s worth of experience as a roleplayer, and have been part of numerous adventures over the years, both as a player and a dungeon master. I am always looking to tell stories from beginning to end, incorporating each player’s narrative into the overarching story arc, entangling them into many plot points as we go along. I ensure that no matter the twist or turn that every player gets a turn in the spotlight. I am a huge fan of high and low fantasy settings and have been since I gained the ability to read. I enjoy running both already established campaigns in official settings and creating our own adventures in worlds I’ve dedicated years to building. My style is very roleplay and puzzle heavy, as many encounters I create have non-lethal solutions, but I do enjoy giving my players a fair-yet-challenging battle when the time arises. Inclusivity and safety are both important to me. I know how it feels to be the “only girl” at the table and have faced discrimination in this way: during one of my earliest games, I was forced into playing a cleric and denied being allowed to play other classes due to my gender. I want to eliminate such discrimination at my table and encourage players of all identities to play whatever characters their hearts desire. I also incorporate many safety features into my games such as lines and veils, X cards, and stars and wishes. I always work toward creating a environment that all my players feel comfortable coming back to, above all else. Please take a look at my collection of games and join in on anything that suits your fancy. I cannot wait to have you at my table to begin our explorations into the worlds we imagine.

GM style

Overall, my GM style is to immerse my players in the world we play through roleplay and integrating my player's characters into the world and story itself. I am pro-player character over all else, wanting to see their stories unfold and how they overcome the challenges I throw at them. I prefer semi-linear storylines: where there is a main plot hook, but giving players the ability to go on side quests and adventures alongside the main quest. Furthermore, players can expect their characters to have their own individual plot hooks in addition to the plot hooks of the overarching story, entangling them into the narrative, furthering the immersion. I enjoy challenging my players with interesting dungeons, puzzles, and combat. I am a huge proponent on there being multiple ways to solve the same problem and enjoy watching what solutions my players come up with to various problems. I encourage those at my table to be creative when faced with an issue they feel is unbeatable. Combat-wise, I tend to give challenging, yet winnable encounters to my players. However, I am able to change the challenge difficulty either up or down at the table's request. The frequency of combat that I give is between 0-2 combat encounters per session, usually averaging out to 1 combat encounter per session over the course of an entire campaign. I tailor my games to the players at the table in regards to many aspects: types of challenges presented, combat difficulty and frequency, and tone. I also create a safe space at each of my tables, which may differ from group to group. I respect boundaries and strive to include the wishes of my players into the game. Over everything else, my table is a space where everyone can feel welcome, included, and ready to have fun.


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