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Hello, the name's Nazth. Call me Naz, the "th" is silent. Specialty in playing along with your shenanigans, with a motto of "You can't be derailed if there are no rails, to begin with". I make sure that at my table, the worst monsters are the consequences of player actions and the best stories are weaved by you and your companions. I mostly run using my homebrew world fitted with fleshed-out characters, areas of magical interest, and dangers untold. Many of which were affected by my previous players and you too can have an impact on this fantasy world. So call me up if you wanna play. I'll run you and your party a good show!

GM style

My forte is more toward adaptive storytelling and roleplaying, with combat used to move the narrative forward. Voice acted NPC with character development is a standard in my campaign as I strive to give my players a world that is alive in which their actions have consequences. The campaigns will take place in a shared world, each one affecting another. Player actions and choices shaping the world for the next party to experience.


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