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About me

Ever wanted to escape the drudgery of modern life? The grind of a job? The burden of rent? Have you ever considered... ESCAPISM? Well, my strange new friend, I have discovered a way to survive the dreary "reality" we share by escaping to far off realms with groups of friends and, with the help of the internet, strangers. How do I do it, you may be asking yourself. Have I invented some sort of technological wonder? Have I discovered a crazy new hallucinogen? Have I lost my mind entirely?! The answer to those questions is no... mostly. I have become a **DUNGEON MASTER** and I would like to take you on your next jaunt into a world of heroes and magic! Let me help you bring your adventure to life! Melding my background in Theater Arts with my love of games, I believe that collaborative storytelling through role playing games is a perfect creative outlet for anyone who wants to be able to create and imagine in a safe and encouraging space! Let's StartPlaying and see where the story goes together!

GM style

I'm a very flexible DM. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Arts and improvisation so performing and storytelling are what I do best and I can and will quickly adapt to what you need in our adventures. I am happy to teach new players "the rules" and introduce them to the world of D&D. I think a healthy balance of role playing, combat, and lore make for a great session. I enjoy helping adventurers "share the spotlight" so everyone in the group gets a chance to shine, and I expect my players to be respectful and ready to collaborate. At my table, we might be strangers, but we are never foes. I have run the Curse of Strahd where some sessions it is a combat heavy, tactical game where players can spend a whole session in a single combat just trying to stave off the dreaded TPK. Some sessions are heavy on Role Play as my players desperately struggle to keep their morality (and humanity) in check dealing with foes that cannot be slain with steel... I run sessions where my players didn't touch their dice the whole night as they tried to concoct an airtight infernal contract with an ice devil to gain entry to the Nine Hells. I have run campaigns where my players have decided to open a tavern instead of dangerous dungeon delving. The adventure became about obtaining rare and exciting meats or dealing with rival restaurants, evil eateries and rogue restaurant critics.

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