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Hello, my name is Myst and first things you should know about me is that I've been in various Roleplaying Systems for over 11 years now and have 6 going on 7 years of DMing experience. Which I might add isn't the average 1 game a week but rather multiple games every week for 5 years. If I don't have multiple games going I am homebrewing content, as all of the adventures I run I always feel more comfortable running in my own Homebrew Worlds. I also Homebrew Subclasses, Monsters, Magic Items, and much more, always with as much detail and openness as I can to allow for player use and growth. I wish to provide the highest level of detail, choices, and stories. I offer my humble DMing services for Free for the first session and any time spent for a session 0 as you determine whether or not I am the DM for you. I do try to work closely with my players so they feel like they are the hero and their backstories come in often and are prevalent to whatever plot I am working with at the time.

GM style

I am a well rounded DM capable of bringing difficult fights for combat oriented players, interesting RP moments and mysteries for the Roleplayer, vast landscapes and varieties of Biomes both mundane and magical for the Explorers, I create custom puzzles for dungeons and Im a semi decent voice actor when it comes to NPC's and I find grand orchestral music to bring ambience to moments and bring extra weight to important moments.

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