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Hi adventurers, I'm Myr! I have been running TTRPG's for around 7 years now, and having a blast doing it. I want to forge a truly memorable roleplaying experience by creating dark, immersive, and, most importantly, fun TTRPG campaigns. I am particularly interested in dark themes and tones: exploring a wilderness at night, court intrigue with a vampire in the midst, or even making deals yourself with foul creatures of the pits. I enjoy vivid descriptions of situations and of visceral combats that evoke the imagination. If you're looking for interesting stories, immersive roleplay, and tactical combat, then look no further.

GM style

I enjoy a healthy balance of roleplay, exploration, and tactical combat. I like creating a cast of uniquely voiced characters to interact with, and giving divergent story options depending on how you interact with the world and those that inhabit it. Dark mysteries are a common component in my games and incorporating a character's backstory into them and the overarching plot is a priority for me, while providing interesting twists. If you are looking for a squeaky clean good vs evil game where everyone fights fair, you should likely look elsewhere. The centerpiece of my games are the tactical and climatic combat encounters. While anyone can throw a random encounter at a player, I prefer for fights to be meaningful to the plot and characters. While I am willing to be a bit flexible with the rules, especially when it might allow something fun, I will often try to stick to them, and do not have much tolerance for troublemakers slowing down the game with arguing. I'm not trying to waste anyone's time, though, and will make rulings on the fly, with the possibility of amending them at the start of next session after a little research and thought.

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