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About me

As an experienced freelance professional with a rich background in creative writing and collaborative storytelling, I bring a decade's worth of expertise in crafting optimized narratives, storyboarding, and analyzing cohesion. My journey through diverse experiences has finely tuned my Game Mastery skills and taught me what a vital part of a Table the GM is. Delving into the realm of Tabletop RPGs has been transformative, serving as a powerful conduit for self-expression, world exploration, thrilling adventures, and meaningful connections. Sharing this enriching experience is a passion I eagerly extend to as many individuals as possible. My commitment lies in nurturing engaging, impactful narratives which captivate their audience while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Let's gather our Party and breathe life into your stories! What to Expect: -Joy, laughter, learning, and growth - A safe, inclusive environment of Play - A shared experience adjudicated fairly - An Adventure tailored to both the individual Player and the collective Party - Rule of Cool, because... the Code is more of a Guideline anyways. ;P Finally, I would like to encourage each reader to share a few details with me when we group up: - What do you look forward to most during play? --- What about that excites you? - What do you dread about playing? --- What about this sucks the fun out? - Can you share a favorite memory from a previous game? (No pressure) - Is there something about play that you seek but has either eluded you or been missing from your previous table(s)? - Name a missing tool or skill which you hope to see at your Table.

GM style

I aim to balance Combat and Roleplay as the majority with exploration mostly montage style between locations of import - exceptions being short distance travel. However, if the group has a particular interest in exploration then I am happy to oblige. I do my best to acquire the taste of the Party and its Individuals to mix and mash the adventure to fit all player interests. On Romance, I lack experience as this topic is almost never brought up in either my Playing/my DMing games; however, I am open to this under the condition that PG is the rating during shared play. Privately, consenting players are free to RP out romances beyond PG content. :)

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