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I play Dungeons and Dragons 5E Edition primarily. Happy to play as well as DM and continue to learn and have fun with this game. I am a creative person and probably enjoy the Role Play slightly more than the combats 70/30 or something like that. I have a few new ideas for custom settings that would be cool to try out and I might start a very low cost and or free game here is I can. I have been off and on playing D&D since about 1981 when I bought my first copy of the Basic edition and was hooked. Shortly after I began playing I was in the role of the Dungeon Master very often but not always. The realms I initially played in were GREYHAWK and then Forgotten Realms. In the early 90's I played a little DARK SUN and PLANESCAPE. I ran a campaign a few years ago tabletop with some friends that was OUT OF THE ABYSS and was a very fun years worth of gaming. Currently I am running the AVERNUS game with a small group of friends and we just landed on Eturiel. I have some ideas about a SPELLJAMMER campaign and I am especially interested in developing some concepts related to the Ships and even some custom ideas. I make a lot of my own map backgrounds and if you play in my game I will also likely provide my artist sketch of your character or a scene from the game etc... So my games will be sort of custom art projects for me as well. I am learning ROLL20 and START PLAYING and have really enjoyed the flexibility these platforms provide people. I am a welcoming DM and expect all players to be courteous and respectful to one another and to me. Everyone is welcome at my table regardless of race sex or creed. Thats about it I am looking for like minded fans of this game to spend some time being creative together. Well Met Everyone!

GM style

I lean towards role play but have some combat in my games. I am creative and often my games include my own artwork as background, character sketch and other visual tools. I enjoy role playing and getting into the adventure at hand, I enjoy watching the player developing their hero's overtime and how they interact with the NPC's other players and situations presented to them.

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