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Hello all I've been playing dnd for about 25 years. I've spent most of that time as a player and have recently decided to try my hand as a dm after almost 2 years of running games for friends and family, I'm trying my hand at running a few online games. I'll be running a module to start with the potential of a homebrew at the end to carry on the story. Although we will be running a set game, that doesn't mean our game will be Liner at all. Im very much a sandbox dm and love seeing where our adventures take us our mod will just be the starting point. My table will be open to everyone 18+ and will contain descriptions of violent fight scenes (hopefully by the players themselves as they play through combat but if not I have a vivid imagination enough for the whole table 😉). If that is a trigger for you I apologize, but otherwise my seats are open to everyone despite sex race gender or preferences. I have a zero tolerance for discrimination and will snuff it out immediately if any player feels a line of theirs is crossed. I have a doors wide open policy and encourage they talk to me immediately. Our games will be ran on roll20 and discord I look forward to seeing everyone there!!

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