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I am Jesse, a role-play fanatic who is involved in D&D so much I made my company around it. You may know me as ModernJester on Instagram (probably not tho). I prefer a game with a healthy balance of RP, Combat and Exploration and love working with players to make ideas work. I have a focus on more serious stories, however. I value logic and will take the situation into account when making decisions. This might mean you can't convince a king to give up their throne with a simple check but it also means the world and its rules are something you can build upon. I have a ton of experience DM'ing both on and offline, and love to take you on a grand-scale adventure! The company I am CMO of is Ambient Sphere, the future of tabletop roleplaying ambiance, which, once possible, we will use during our online sessions.

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I love creating immersive, logical campaigns that have its roots in the forgotten realms and written adventures, tailored and combined to a sandbox style adventure where the party’s actions decide what factions gain or lose power.

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