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Matt Bridger

2 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Sets the Mood, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

I've been into RPGs since I was a teen, and have been GMing them shortly after I started playing (for reference, I'm currently 45 years old/young). GMing RPGs is my way of telling the stories that are always buzzing around my head, but having that delightful unpredictable element of player participation. I like to have fun. And I like my players to have fun. Everyone having a good time is important to me. As such I tend to being less strict with rules enforcement if they get in the way of the fun and slow things down too much. Another thing I love to do is ambience. My games always have ambient sounds and sound effects, since I believe they add to the experience. The times we live in now are possibly some of the best for RPGs, since we don't need to have people physically at a table to take part in games. The advent of Virtual TableTops (VTTs), to me, are a God-send. As such I use them all the time, since they also take away the number-crunching that some systems require, leaving both the GM and the players to concentrate on having fun. I have used MapTool, D20Pro and Foundry, with Foundry being my absolute favourite. Pathfinder 1st Edition is definitely my current favourite system and the one I use most often. However, others like Alien RPG, and Vaesen RPG from Free League as well as Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius are up there too. Have fun, stay safe and happy gaming.

GM style

I like to incorporate a variety of styles when at the "table" (virtual or otherwise), allowing people who are comfortable with roleplaying their actions to do so, but don't want players to feel like they *have* to if they're not comfortable with it (that's why we have Diplomacy skill rolls!) I have a love of ambient sounds and sound effects, giving things a more immersive, cinematic feel. I like to employ Virtual TableTops over more traditional physical maps, since these apps and programs can add so much more to a game, as well as take away the need for number-crunching that tends to bog games down.


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