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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Storytelling, Creativity

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About me

😄 Thanks for stopping by! My name is Meaghan, I'm a trans woman from southern California who specializes in providing a safe, inclusive table for all players to enjoy cinematic storytelling together. I've been a TTRPG player and GM since before the turn of the century. My passion is running TTRPG games within the genres of gothic and cosmic horror, as well as high and dark fantasy. My favorite official D&D settings are Ravenloft (for playing) and Dragonlance (for creating). I am the host of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast and the author of the DM's Guild Gold Medal adventure "Shadow of the Black Rose". My favorite non-D&D game is Alien RPG. As of March 2024, I have been running games professionally for two years. I have logged nearly 500 sessions on StartPlaying, most of which were run using Foundry VTT. Join one of my campaigns if you're looking for a consistent game run by an enthusiastic and experienced GM with a strong belief in professional ethics as well as creating a welcoming environment for female players, queer players, trans players, and neurodivergent players. Listen to what one of my players said about her experience playing Curse of Strahd with me: 💻 💻 Here are a few reviews from some of my long-term players: 🎭 "Meaghan is a fantastic DM and storyteller who consistently delivers a great gaming experience. She's very good at improvising and rolling with the punches when we get off track. She rewards and encourages player creativity, even when creative solutions may throw a wrench in her plans or completely sidestep encounters. She breathes life into the game world and makes each and every area unique and memorable, and allows us to take our time to explore and discover the game world. This has overall been a positive gaming experience and I'm excited to keep playing with her!" - Ben, 100 sessions with me 💡 "Meaghan has been an amazing GM throughout our Into the Mists session every week. She sets the stage and utilizes tools that make engagement all that much better. She has even reached out to make sure I felt comfortable with my place and the dynamic between players (which I reassured her I very much do). She allows us to explore solutions and not be afraid to try our ideas out within the framework she sets." - Christine, 71 sessions with me ❓ "Meaghan is very helpful and patient, knowing that she had new players in her group she answered all questions but more importantly, went over things before hand and made sure we were all comfortable and didn't get hung up on any general "noobiness" and actually need to ask the questions. Very good storyteller, her passion for the material is evident and I very much look forward to the next session!" - Tav, 86 sessions with me 🤗 "I can't say enough great things about Meaghan! She's an amazing DM and you can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into planning her sessions. Her maps and sounds really set the mood and it's easy to get lost in the story telling and atmosphere of the game. Especially with the variety of NPC's she brings to life. Not only that, but she truly creates a safe environment for players to learn, feel heard, and overall just feel included and welcome in session. I appreciate her patience too. I'm a new-ish player and sometimes have to ask obvious questions but I never feel bad about asking for clarification on anything. She definitely makes things fun and challenging for all levels of players though, not just beginners. Overall, I highly recommend Meaghan if you are looking for a safe, inclusive, well balanced gaming experience of which you want to immerse yourself and get lost in the environment. 10/10" - Jess, 68 sessions with me

GM style

Here are my three greatest strengths as a GM, as voted on by my players: 🎨Creativity🎨 > Even when running published modules, I make it my own. I've run Curse of Strahd for experienced Curse of Strahd DM's who were on their toes throughout the entire campaign. > Do the unexpected. Try new things. Experiment with your abilities and your playstyle. I love to improvise and expand upon your ideas. 🌈Inclusivity🌈 > As a queer person, a trans person, and a woman, I understand how intimidating it can be to play with strangers online. > I have a zero tolerance policy for TRASH (transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism, and homophobia) 🎬Storytelling🎬 > The game is yours. Twist it, bend it, break it. The world is yours to explore and experience. My role is to make it come alive. > I run campaigns I'm passionate about, but your character's journey is the heart of the story.


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