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Milestone Play:   Joshua Sullivan
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Milestone Play: Joshua Sullivan

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About me

With 20 years around tabletop and live action RPGs, I just want to allow others to share stories. My experience includes a handful of 1-2 year campaigns, many one-shots, over a year of running games for a youth library club, and a dozen custom RPGs. Whether you want a by-the-books 5e D&D campaign, a loose One-Shot to introduce RPGs to your friends, or a private Homebrewed game, I can run it. I have a more grounded play style that makes the sparse Rule of Cool moments feel earned. Custom One-Shot content includes an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra game (PbtA ), Simple Supers, Hogwarts Expressed, D&Disney 5e, a Naruto 5e-adaption, and a Winnie-the-Pooh storytelling game based on Grant Howitt's Honey Heist. Want something all your own? Let's talk about it.

GM style

I run a down-to-earth game where the players tell me what the story is really about. Whatever encounters and plots I have prepared are twisted by the actions and motivations of the PCs. Whether we are in a high role play encounter or a technical combat, your actions will tell me what our shared story is about. The encounters (prepared or not) are just context for that story. While I veer towards the rules of a system, I love it when a player says, "I want to use this ability in a different way..." While it may fail, that is not for me to decide; I'm just here to tell you the chances and make sure it fits the tone of the group.


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