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About me

Hello! My name is Mike, and I've been a DM/GM for over 20 years. My illustrious game-mastering career began in middle school when I was tricked into running D&D 3.5 for my friends, thus sealing my own fate. I try to make sure all my players have fun and get a chance to do wild and crazy things in my games, whether it's, becoming TV stars, magic cattle rustling, or transforming an ordinary tunneling machine into an abomination borne of metal and flesh powered by the sliver of a nascent god. I'm always looking to try new games, especially if they sound weird and niche.

GM style

My GM style is very improv and roleplay based, and I have a small repertoire of funny character voices I like to do, even if they do sometimes blend into a kind of Russian Dracula accent (or sometimes Pirate Dracula). I've run enough D&D that I can handle the crunchiest of combat rules, but it's not really my preference. On the player side I try to make sure everyone gets a chance to be in the spotlight as often as I can; it's much more fun to use your "arrow of orcs named Bob slaying" than to just have it sit in your quiver for an entire campaign because all the orcs are named Dave or Jim.

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