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About me

A little bit about me? I studied psychology, I like writing stories and watching movies, and love to hang with my partner and my doggo. I started playing Dungeon and Dragons 5e in the beginning of the pandemic and I was hooked after the first nat 20! I have been DMing for over 2 years homebrew and published adventures for my friends, and I have 6 months of experience doing it online. I also have been DMing weekly in my local game over the last year.

GM style

My style can be summarised with: fun > story > rules I run a game focused on the PCs and how the world reacts to their choices with a "yes and..." mentality, because we all came here to have fun and make a cool story together! The PCs are the main characters and the story should revolve about their actions, desires and problems and the DM should honor their decisions, with the consequences they may carry. Sly Flourish said it best with "the players come to game night to see their characters do cool s**t". My favourite dnd streaming is Dimension 20, because Brennan Lee Mulligan's style of DMing is my ideal of what a good DM is. I try to emulate how he balances preparation and improv, but I especially admire how he spotlights the PCs and their agency… also I think I am in love with him, but that's for another day. In my free time, I am currently DMing 5 campaigns, 2 of them have spin offs. -The module Curse of Strahd, twice a month. -A Spelljammer home brew every month. -A solo camping with my best friend, taking place in my homebrew. -The module Watedeep: Dragon Heist with my coworkers every two weeks. -The module The Wild Beyond the Witchlight every 2 weeks with my university friends and my neighbours. -And all the other tables I run in the game store form part of a West Marching style game called the Ghost Kids, in which every adventure forms part of the same adventurers guild. In this one, everyone can bring their character for another one shot and get more gold, magic items, and the occasional boon. Currently the campaign has 12 active players that join every other session. The spelljammer adventure is a spin off of this one. What can you expect if you join my table? -I will try to include your character's backstory in the story. -The occasional praise to Pedro Pascal or Brennan Lee Mulligan. -Hard combats. Death is on the table. High risk, high reward. -A lot of space to role play (if you want). -We can nerd out about your character over Discord during the week. -A quest to find an object. You can retrieve it in Lommel, in the McDonalds parking lot, on Tuesdays between 13:24 and 14:37. A woman, late 20s, in a grey hoodie will be skating. She will look high, but she is not. You have to ask her for a smoke. She will say that her sister is on her way to buy milk. You MUST answer, and your life may depend on it, with "the sun sets at 18:00 in Cairo". She will give you a note with a poem from Pablo Neruda. It has invisible ink, so it can be read next to a lamp. In there there will be a direction and a name to find a specific grave in a cemetery. Inside the grave, there is no body, but a nice set of Pinterest dice that you can keep and you can level up. -Lots of magic items and loot. There are only 2 things that I ask from the players at my table. -My table is a safe space. We are all here to have fun, so try to be mindful about the enjoyment of other players. Do not do something that subtracts from the fun (like stealing or hurting another PC without the consent of the player), or make someone else feel uncomfortable (like crossing a boundary). If it can't appear in a Marvel movie, it is better to ask for consent. -Your character MUST have a strong motivation to be in the adventure and enjoys working with a team.

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