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About me

Hello there! I'm Miguel. I discovered Dungeons & Dragons 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with it and have invested a big chunk of my time playing, DMing, and consuming content about it. I'm very inspired by Matt Mercer's Critical Role, Brennan Lee Mulligan's Dimension 20, and Matt Colville's Running the Game. I've worked as a teacher for five years and another ten in the entertainment industry and find that the skills I gathered (and am still gathering) translate very well into the role of Dungeon Master. I spend a great deal of my time improving on sound effects and voices: first, because I enjoy it very much and already did before D&D, and second because I feel like, together with the versatility of improvisation and the skills to paint the world through descriptive speech, it's what makes the world breathe and feel alive to my players. If that is something that sparks joy and excitement, I will save a spot at my table for you.

GM style

We'll use Discord to communicate clearly with each other while Foundry VTT and DnDBeyond serve as rolling engines, character sheets, and ambient sound, as well as the use of artwork or battle maps to aid in painting each situation/location. 🗣️Role-Play: is my strong suit. I love creating voices, personalities, and agendas for the Players to interact with. Expect lots of it. ⚔️Combat: whenever it makes sense. We use Gridded maps for most combats, but we might use Theater of the Mind if the situation asks for it. 🧭Exploration: the worlds I play in live in my head rent-free. There will be a lot happening behind the curtain up for discovery. 📖Rules: while they provide us with a structure to play, I believe altering some in a situational or even permanent manner can enhance everyone's experience at the table, which means "Rules as Written" are suggestions of how to apply mechanics in a "default" environment, but will be changed accordingly. "Rule of Cool" will mainly be used to reward players' creativity. Finally, while the baseline of my games is always the official system, there is a place for homebrew/3rd party material at my table, as long as it goes through me first for consideration, and enhances everyone's game.

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