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About me

My friends introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons when I was young we did some short oneshots based on video games , but i never really DM. After 5th edition came out I tried my hand at DMing and fell in love with it. Creating something with the sole purpose of bringing joy to others through Game Mastering brought forth a passion in me. Usually I go for the more Epic Fantasy vibe, and if you like combat my games have a lot of it. I enjoy using homebrew content, and creating stuff for my players to enjoy and make their characters feel more unique. I enjoy creating new monsters and mechanics for my players to destoy and have fun. So remember, never run into a fight without knowing at least a little of your enemy! I speak Spanish as a main language and English as secondary, and im willing to do campaigns in either language.

GM style

I enjoy homebrewing written modules with my own twist; players in my games have as much of an impact on the story as I do when creating it, I leave some portions of my written preparations open so that players can influence the direction of encounters. In this case, im expanding the campaign of the ghost of saltmarsh adding new locations, new characters and after the main module is done, we continue the adventure to the open seas with a totally homebrew adventure up to level 20. I like sitting down with my players to discuss things they would like to see in the campaign and ill do my best to make your character's vision come true. And if you are not so good with making backstories for your characters, do not worry, i will make sure that you and i make a great story for your character together. Generally, you'll find me to be laid back and easy on the rules; if you'd like to do something interesting or cool I'll generally let you have a fair chance at succeeding. If you have any character goals and share them with me I'll make sure you get the chance to complete them. I aint no voice actor, sadly it aint one of my talents, but i do my best to make my NPC feel unique and different from each other. I use a combination of high quality battlemaps and ambience music to better immerse my players into the world we are playing in. And I am usually available thru discord or facebook for any question my players might have.

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