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About me

Hi, I'm Metus! (Pronounced however you choose to pronounce it) I've been playing TTRPGs for a little over 6 years and over the course of the past two year of running campaigns I've fallen in love with being on the other side of the DM's screen. I love exploring a character's motivations and morality, I love dramatic, dynamic combat, and I love the small things that make the world feel real all the same. I like running games in settings rich with lore like the Forgotten Realms, but I also have fun tossing all those preconceptions aside and coming up with something custom. Outside of playing and DM-ing I also have a hobby for using my limited editing experience to make character portraits and tokens- my profile picture is of my character for a game of Curse of Strahd I'm in.

GM style

I usually try to keep combat semi-frequent but I have no problems with an entire session of doing vaguely-british accents and having the owner of a bakery argue why their bread is worth even more than the five silver they're charging. My main experience with TTRPGs is through playing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. As such that's what I feel most comfortable with running, but I also like to house rule, homebrew, and when all else fails go with the Rule of Cool. I always try to reward clever usage of a character's surroundings and teamwork between party members.

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