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About me

You travel 60' down a 10' wide corridor. At a 4-way intersection you encounter me. The encounter reaction is friendly! From me you learn the following rumors: 1. I have been playing D&D since the B/X edition and DMing most of that time (T). 2. I once dressed as a minotaur for Halloween (F - but I wish!). 3. I was published in Dragon magazine once, in the TSR days (T). 4. I have written published modules and accessories for several small gaming companies (T). 5. I own the world's largest d20 (F - where would I store it??). 6. I am a self-published game designer, my game is the best supported game you've never heard of (almost surely T). 7. I am here to run Old School games that are fun, challenging, and rewarding, using theater of the mind and low-tech props over Zoom (T). 8. This was all a trick! Roll for initiative!

GM style

I love Old School...I love 10' wide corridors and wandering monsters and dungeons with no ecological sense to them. But I also love a sense of story and character development and deep, immersive world-building. They are not incompatible campaign philosophies. I like to run a game that is fun, that doesn't take itself too seriously. The game can also be deadly; don't write too long a backstory because you may be rolling up a new character soon if you don't play smart or are just unlucky.

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