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Hello, I am Mellodie (she/her). I am an 18+ Game Master. I’ve been playing D&D 5e for nearly 5 years now, and running games for almost 4 years of that. I love stories, especially homemade ones, and I won’t be quick to use a published story module. In actuality, the only book I frequently use is the monster manual. I am a very energetic person and look very forward to collaborating with you to help each other create and tell an unforgettable tale. I love making races and classes so the players at my table can express their characters as they envision them without constantly having to be within the “standard” options. My own favourite race and class are made by me because one size definitely does not fit all. Let's not forget the "cool" factor either. The rule of cool is always one I consider. Please feel free to add me on discord MellodieMoon#8077 ...I look so forward to meeting you. My dice shop can be found as Facebook Icon. Let's keep them rolling!

GM style

I love role play, from interactions with myself, character to character, or with one of my characters as an npc; it's the stuff that makes a good story a great story, and a great story an incredible story that you'll want to share for years to come. I am less into combat, and more into riddles and puzzles, but I'm also flexible to accommodate the needs of my players. Furthermore, I make race, class, and features custom for players. If an existing race or class doesn’t fit, I will find or make you a homebrew one that will. Let's make memories together. Unique homebrew that is added to the already existing generic race’s & classes of D&D 5E. RACES: - Spectral hybrid - Kitsune - Neko - Half worgen (inu) - Worgen - Fishling - Forclaimers - Gemini - Ratfolk - Mouse folk - Shadowling - Undead - Vleer folk - Moonfolk - Oni race - Dagonkin CLASSES: - Witch - Card master - Druid circle of humanoid shifting - Alchemist - Soldier - Bard college of domination - Inner demon - Shaman More are coming as I make sure everyone has something special and as unique as their character in my game.


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