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About me

Greetings, adventurers! I am Mellodie (she/her), an enthusiastic Game Master with a penchant for crafting extraordinary tales that will leave an indelible mark on your gaming experience. With six years of dedicated immersion in the realm of D&D 5e, including five years spent guiding intrepid adventurers through unforgettable campaigns, I am thrilled to collaborate with you and weave an extraordinary narrative together. When it comes to storytelling, I have a deep-rooted love for original narratives, favoring homemade stories over published modules. The Monster Manual serves as my trusted companion, enriching our adventures with its myriad creatures and challenges. Boundlessly energetic and brimming with creative zeal, I am eager to embark on this collaborative journey, where our shared imaginations intertwine to create something truly extraordinary. At my table, I believe in granting players the freedom to express their characters as they envision them. As a fervent creator of races and classes, I relish the opportunity to provide bespoke options that extend beyond the confines of "standard" choices. Embracing the rule of cool, I strive to strike a harmonious balance between mechanics and captivating storytelling, ensuring that your characters feel not only mechanically unique but also captivatingly cool. If the existing races and classes fail to encapsulate your character's essence, fear not, for I am adept at crafting or finding homebrew options tailored to your vision. Together, we will forge memories that will be cherished for years to come. Feel free to add me on Discord at mellodiemoon#0. I eagerly await our introduction and the adventure that awaits us. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My dice shop can be found as Facebook Icon. Let's keep them rolling! And the Commision form as the Instagram Icon. My patreon is displayed as the twitter Icon. The discord can be found as the twitch Icon.

GM style

In my realm, roleplay reigns supreme. Engaging interactions between characters, be it with myself as an NPC or with fellow adventurers, serve as the lifeblood of our epic tales. Riddles and puzzles abound, stimulating minds and fostering camaraderie, while combat takes a backseat to the art of storytelling. Of course, I remain adaptable and flexible, ensuring that the needs and preferences of my players are met with the utmost care and consideration. Prepare to immerse yourselves in a world where the possibilities are boundless and where generic races and classes are transformed into something extraordinary. Brace yourselves for the arrival of unique homebrew creations, crafted with love and precision, ensuring that each character has a distinct, one-of-a-kind identity. Together, let us embark on a grand adventure, where every moment is a page in a story waiting to be told, where the bonds we forge become legends, and where our imaginations transcend the realm of fantasy. Unique homebrew that is added to the already existing generic race’s & classes of D&D 5E. RACES: - Spectral hybrid - Kitsune - Neko - Half worgen (inu) - Worgen - Fishling - Forclaimers - Gemini - Ratfolk - Mouse folk - Shadowling - Undead - Vleer folk - Moonfolk - Oni race - Dagonkin - Nychthemeron - Plasmarians - Trichanids - Arachnian - Durforge Pridebloods - Dryad - DragonForged - Draconomech - Equinian CLASSES: - Witch - Card master - alchemist - Inner demon - Arcane Warden - The Streamweaver SUB-CLASSES: Barbarian - Draconic Fury Fighter - Martial Archetype Steller Guardian Druid - Druid circle of humanoid shifting - Druid circle of the Demonic Infuser - Druid circle of the Draconic Shifter - Druid circle of the underground Paladin - Paladin oath of Celestial Balance Bard - Bard college of domination - Bard college of Enchantment Sorcerer - Arcane Absorber Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities. Welcome to my table.


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