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About me

As a gamemaster, I feel that games are driven by players. They are the stars of the game and I give them challenging obstacles to overcome. My over all style is that where I present the game to the players and let them solve the conflict. I also want players to have fun! It is a game after all, and it should be enjoyable. I am running multiple games, but the majority of them are private. Please contact me to see what available days and times I have for a new group. The 3rd edition Shadowrun game I'm running on select Thursdays is getting posted on YouTube (audio only for players). This game has been going on since Start Playing started! If you don't see this game in "Upcoming Games", it's due to the fact that it's full at that time. I'm currently running D&D 5e, Shadowrun 3e (preferred) and 6e upon request. I also have games set up for Call of Cthulhu 7e as well as Classic Deadlands. I've been playing D&D long enough to remember that the lowest armor class was the best choice. At one point, I was sanctioned through FASA when they were still around for Shadowrun, I've play tested for Ars Magica and was accepted as a writer for Lord of the Rings role playing game through Decipher prior to the company taking a different direction (long story short, never published but was starting to work on a sourcebook). I'm also a school teacher by day. I am use to helping people learn, and have taught people different systems in the past. I love introducing people to new games and I have no problems walking you through tutorials before you play the game! I've ran games meant for young teens, to families, to a mature audience. I like to think of my rating around "PG-13" when it comes to content.

GM style

My style is more about world immersion. I want the players to feel that they can sense where they are at. If I'm running Shadowrun, I want them to feel as if they can sense the neon lights hitting their skin. If they are playing Call of Cthulu, I want them to feel the suspense as if they were reading a Lovecraft story. I tend to stay away from high end tactical combat situations though I do view combat as the icing on the cake to games. Roleplay is encouraged! I prefer descriptions of events and locations on my end. I'm not a "rules lawyer", but I realize that it is a game and that the majority of rules should be followed. Any house rules will get discussed in advanced, and if a rule changes it will be based upon mutual agreement.


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