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Maximilian Hart
DMs Guild Writer

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Storytelling

About me

In 2016, I was sitting at lunch with some coworkers when someone mentioned D&D. One by one, we all admitted to being interested but never having played. "Let's do it!" General enthusiasm and agreement. "Who's going to be the DM?" Six heads swiveled toward me. Just like that, I became a dungeon master, and I haven't looked back since! I've been playing with some of the same folks for over five years; even after moving halfway across the country, they keep coming back (virtually) for my games, and it feels great to give them a gaming experience worth remembering. I love running games, both for grizzled veterans and brand-new players who've never touched a die. I'd love to run a game for you, too!

GM style

I'm all about giving my players and their characters meaningful choices. That's the essence of "roleplaying" after all, and it's the core of my DMing style and flexibility towards the more surface-level style flavors. I love to create homebrew worlds with lots of people to talk to and things to discover (I've gotten a lot of compliments in the NPC department), and I'm down for running published adventures "as-is," too. I've run for groups that really dig into the acting and voices, and I've run for groups that weren't comfortable with that and played entirely in third-person RP. Homebrew or vanilla SRD, dungeon puzzles or urban investigation, tactical battle maps or theater of the mind ... at the center of it all is the idea that what your character says and does changes the world.

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