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About me

I almost got into TTRPG's as a kid, but missed out due to Satanic Panic! After my first game of AD&D with friends, my mother wouldn't let me play again. Happily, I managed to come back to it later in life because I just can't resist a good story. Now I play Pathfinder 2E, Starfinder, and DnD 5e with friends as well as with my teenage sons. I am a stay at home dad keeping my kids on track with homeschooling and looking to add a little work from home income. I always have a good story to tell (why I usually GM) and I love to watch others figure out what to do with the story I give them. I always thought I would write a book, but with TTRPG's, I'm much happier to watch my stories unfold through the interactions of my players. Join me if you want a dynamic and ever-adapting game!

GM style

After 10+ years of playing/Gming with friends, its time to bring my style of play to others. My biggest strength is my ability to pivot in game. Whatever you throw at me, I will be able to roll with it. I am quick with the improv, love a good laugh, and can always find a way for you to roll for that wild thing you want to try. My games focus a little more on roleplay without lacking in combat as well. Here's a punchlist of what you can expect from me: -Roleplay with twists and turns -Connecting player's characters to the story -Improv and adjusting to what the players pitch -Homebrew worlds and stories -Collaborative Play -Safety tools in use always -A welcoming and affirming space

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