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About me

I started my DM journey four years ago and fell in love with it! My main focus is giving players the exact experience they are looking for, whether that means heavy combat, role playing, puzzles, high drama, or exploration, we can do it all! I specialize in making maps and creating funny characters to make our world feel truly alive. This is OUR world. Want to buy and decorate a house? Or maybe a ship? Or to start a Guild? Or reshape the landscape with powerful magic? I can make you a map for almost anything. Watch as the world changes around you and feels more dynamic and immersive than any other! All my campaigns take place in the same world, usually on separate continents, which creates very unique history and lore opportunities! Will you become one of this worlds most powerful heroes (or villains)? Thanks for reading! Keep on rolling!

GM style

Funny and distinct character voices with lots of opportunity for RP. Detailed map designs and sound effects to immerse players in a world of their choosing. Character development and growth throughout the campaign, with many layers of conflict to explore. Whether you want a complicated campaign of political intrigue, a spooky cinematic journey of untold horrors, or a simple sand box adventure, my campaigns will deliver!

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