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About me

I am a passionate GM with over 2000 hours of experience who strives to make every session fun and engaging for my players. I value creativity and flexibility over strict rules, and I create immersive worlds with rich NPCs for my players to explore and interact with. My favorite adventure plots involve mystery solving and difficult choices that challenge the players. I also pay attention to the balance and flow of combat, making sure it is fun, interactive, and purposeful. If you are looking for a GM who can enhance your gameplay experience, join me today!

GM style

I prioritize fun over rules, and I design my worlds with captivating NPCs that my players can explore and interact with. I enjoy creating adventure plots that involve mystery solving and difficult choices that test the players’ skills and morals. I also value role-playing, and I make sure that combat is fun, interactive, and purposeful. I keep the game moving at a good pace, and I develop the story while encouraging player RP. I also make sure that every player is involved in the game, and I personally interact with them to help them feel comfortable and engaged.

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