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About me

I'm a storyteller and software engineer who loves fantasy stories of all kinds, especially queer ones. I write, do game development/design, and build cool things in my spare time. I love reading, watching, and playing (in video, board, or tabletop game form, I'm not picky) amazing stories of all kinds. I live with and love my fiancee, two cats, and a dog. I've been a DM/GM/Storyteller for about ten years, specializing in D&D5e, PbtA systems, and FitD systems. I love trying out new systems and sharing them with folks new or experienced!

GM style

I'm a storyteller at heart. I love telling stories, participating in stories, writing stories, building characters and worlds, and adding some randomness to those stories. Video games were my first love but when I first was exposed to TTRPGs I loved that, too! For this reason, my games tend to be very balanced, lots of roleplay but also lots of engaging with mechanics. I love to worldbuild, but I also love getting my players to inject things into the world, and showing that your actions have consequences (good and bad) within said world.

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