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About me

Interactive storytelling is the best! I've been playing in, running, writing, and/or broadcasting games for about 25 years now, and in that time I've learned a lot about what works, what doesn't, and what gets folks excited at the table. You've got knowledge, too, whoever you are. Let's share! A couple of my projects are out there. With Ryan Hatt, I co-wrote ALL MUST BOW, a system-agnostic cosmic horror setting where the PCs are villains. (More about that at I've also co-hosted a superhero RPG actual-play podcast, Tales from Stringersberg, with my buddy Drew (Ninetale Hobbies on YouTube), which you can find on Spotify and some other places. I have a few stories on deck, complete with pre-gens, but would love to hatch something new with a long-term group. Maybe that's you and your crew! One way to find out. I welcome folks of all kinds - might not know your terminology yet, but I'll learn. The only exceptions to that are oppressors: authoritarians, racists, homo- or trans-phobes, Nazis, sexists, etc. Bottom line: either we agree that we're all human beings & show mutual respect, or we don't share a table. Pretty simple, really.

GM style

I tend to tell stories focused on intrigue, horror, and the divine (though I can throw a dungeon crawl if that's what the occasion calls for). My games are story-forward: the rules are important, but always secondary to the story and the group's enjoyment thereof. I've been known to world-build a bit, but I love it when that becomes a collaboration. Big proponent of 'session zero,' regardless of the system, and yes, I definitely want to read your character's backstory if you took the time to write one. I have experience running the following systems: Adventure! (White Wolf's pulp action setting), D&D (5e), Exalted (2e), Fate Core, Mothership, Prowlers & Paragons, and World of Darkness. Other things you can expect: Lots of accents. House rules as needed in service to tone. Mini-games. Participatory world-building. I care about the economy, y'all. Dark humor. "Yes, and..." TL;DR - The rules are just tools and the dice convey the whims of the gods.


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