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About me

I am an avid tabletop RPG player and Dungeon Master/Game Master with over 25 years of experience with RPGs both playing and running them. I am well versed in many TTRPGs but my preferred system is D&D 5th edition. My settings are generally from my own design and provide fun interaction for all types of players in all skill ranges. I create custom maps and other visual assets for my players and couple them with new adventures, puzzles, and encounters that provide a wide range of gameplay from intrigue, to combat, to character interaction, and much more. I look forward to our adventure together :)

GM style

My style of running games allows someone to step into the role of their character and live in the world set before them. When you play in one of my games I encourage choice, and all the things that come with it. I love to reward creativity and cleverness, and am always rooting for the "heroes", no matter how much i enjoy playing the part of their "villains", the townsfolk, and anyone else they may meet. I am descriptive in my narration, I try to give my NPCs unique personalities as well as voices, and have a thoughtful approach to your experience. I am not an adversarial or "War gamer" DM, but I will challenge you. I am not here to dump exposition on your party, as I am not just reading you a novel. I prefer to look at TTRPGs as a collaborative storytelling experience and love it when my players feel connected to the world, the events, the characters they are playing, and most of all the adventure they are having. I have some house rules that are meant to enable the players to enjoy more aspects of the game in what I believe is a fair and balanced way, while clearing up a few nebulous rules from the commercially available material. Beyond that I generally favor Rules as Written (RAW), but if you have an idea, run it by me!

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