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About me

I am a forever DM who turned out the be just good enough to take this thing professional. I have always enjoyed storytelling and writing, what a joy it was to discover TTRPGs, where my love of creating stories could blossom into a world, friendships, and making people laugh, cry, seethe, or cheer. After a failed first attempt at playing 5th Edition D&D, I began DMing, I have since enjoyed every moment of crafting my own world, characters therein, and stories to permeate the planes. I have fully committed myself to this craft of world smithing, with literal thousands of hours of writing, refining, and implementing these stories to make sure my player's characters feel as if they exist seamlessly in a world living and breathing, teeming with adventure, or mundane household chores. I have done many things in my time as a DM, including making an entire world map for a unique, hand crafted world to give myself creative freedom to mold and shape adventures, made an entirely new language for a kingdom, and ran a whopping 3 year long(!) campaign, that is still going to this day, no easy feat, mind you, and most importantly, had fun bringing the same enjoyment I get out of DMing to my players, and my friends. If you let me, I would happily take you on just such an adventure! Just, sign on the dotted line, just there, oh, and don't mind the fine print.

GM style

My GM style heavily focuses on my strengths as a DM, which are as follows in order of my ability: 1. Improv - I excel at quick thinking at the table, making the propensity for players to derail a game a moot concern in my game, meaning the game I run is entirely up to the players and their characters, within reason. 2. Storytelling and writing - I am a learned and experienced storyteller, and world builder, this means you can expect roleplay and storytelling to float towards the top of my games, I spend a lot of time thinking about new and exciting directions for the personal story of each character, while remaining true and grounded to them. Expect conversations about fun and exciting pathways, and choose me if you want to collaboratively tell and/or experience a detailed, and rich world and the opportunity for character development. 3. Roleplay - I love to get into character, weird voices, and really getting an understanding for their motivations and ideals so I can better act them out. 4. Foundry VTT Wizard - I have over 1,000 hours in Foundry, I have lived and breathed it nearly since its inception. I can bring you THE best experience on the world's greatest VTT. Experience maps both created by myself, and from great community artists such as Cze and Peku, Tom Cartos, and more, in a way like no other, with animations, atmosphere, and multiple floor maps, you don't need an imagination to see the world you are playing in. Experience automation of spells, effects, and even things like paladin auras and conditions, to keep gameplay snappy, fun, and moving. As well as many other wonderful implementations of state of the art modules and knowhow to make this likely the most unique VTT game you have ever experienced. I did not mention combat, but I do enjoy giving players a tactical, fun, sometimes, but not often, crunchy fight. Though I cannot say it is one of the aces up my sleeve in the DMing world, I can promise you unique, and fun combats more often than not.

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