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Luke Andrew
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Voices

About me

I have been running games since the early 2000's in a large variety of systems from the standard d20's, to narrative dice, to percentile systems, to d6 and beyond. Love it all. I do charge a little more for my games because I limit my tables to absolute 5 players max. 5 is good but 4 is perfect. So based on my experience as a player here, and other GMs feedback, more often than not at least one sometimes 2 scheduled players will be unavailable for any given session and so you want to balance making sure the game will still run and not need to be cancelled with having a smaller table size. So i think that when playing online online that limit is the very BEST way to ensure that everyone gets a chance to shine at the table and pursue personal story hooks and connections. I believe that the GM's primary job is to MAKE IT FUN!! A GM's job is not to say "no" and control and limit players. Like in theater improv the GM should be in the habit of saying "yes, and...". Now that's not to say that they players run the show and get everything and anything they want BUT it is essential to reward and celebrate player creativity and agency. So, my philosophy of running games is that I love telling great stories, I love awesome optimized characters (It's MY job to make it challenging), I love newbies, I love deep rich background and roleplays and I ABSOLUTELY don't think those things are mutually exclusive. Storytelling is collaboration. I also like my games to very narrative and cinematic and so prefer not to use a lot of maps or token. I like Theatre of the Mind. That doesn't mean I don't use or enjoy rich tactical combat...I just don't think you need a map to do it. I also love to reward player creativity in encounters and design "narrative/cinematic" encounters where players can use a wide variety of skills and abilities to overcome challenges. All races, creeds, LGBTQ+, Neuro-divergent, and everybody is totally welcome at my table! Let's roll!

GM style

I enjoy it all. I got voices, roleplays, stories, combat's, tactics, and puzzles. Variety is the spice of life...or fake life.

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