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Greetings, My name is Luke. Are you looking to have fun and go on an adventure using your imagination? Then, please take a seat right over there and we can begin on our journey together. As a group, we will find out what you will do to overcome the obstacles that I will lay before you. A bit about my background on how I came to be a Dungeon Master : I have always been captivated by stories and how we can create new worlds and ideas through this age old art form. My love of story telling started back when I was a young lad to entertain myself with fantastic tales . I enjoyed creating worlds in my mind and with Lego. I also used story telling with my parents to get out of trouble ;). This love of telling stories followed me into my career where I educated children and youth through stories and tales, while some were fictional and others were real lived adventures. Moving forward, my DM journey started to truly take shape in an afterschool program. I wanted to get the students more involved with the stories I was creating. It started with just asking them what they wanted to do in the story and I would have the story reacting to their decisions. My initial approach was largely based off the Chose Your Own Adventure approach. In order to engage students in the decision making process of the adventures, they were to draw a playing card from a deck to see how well they did whatever it is they chose to do. A game of choice and probability is the initial leaping point. Next it progressed, where students would use simple character sheets that I would make up, which flowed into more advanced character sheets like in Dungeons and Dragons. Over a span of ten years, I have experimented with several different role-playing game systems with my students. I finally settled on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It was a rule system that allowed me to have consistent rules for our imagination while giving me the flexibility to change and modify as I needed to keep the flow of the story going. I have been a DM using DnD 5E with an afterschool program for the past eight years, and with thousands of sessions played, I am hoping to meet you on our next adventure. Like you, I am also setting out on an adventure, looking to meet new people and try something new by putting myself out there on the internet as a DM to see what I can accomplish.

GM style

Do you love roleplay? oh heck yes I do! Great with character voices? I like to think so. (always working on new voices) Do you enjoy crunchy tactical combat? I like combat to flow as much as possible. I like to create challenges that are both doable while also makes the players think of how to over come the obstacles I place before them

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