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About me

“I live for watching people play in my games, react to my stories, and delve into my narrative!" - I am a Game and Narrative Designer fairly new to being a Professional Dungeon Master. I love working with my Players to develop a name-race-class bare bones character to a fully fleshed out being born from imagination and numbers! My personal campaign I’m a DM for has been happening weekly for a full year, something I’m proud of accomplishing since I’m relatively new to this! I have a new technique of battle-mapping with Lego pieces and Dry-Erase I'm still perfecting in practice, but that's optional!

GM style

"Get into character, fight hard, think smart, grow as people, and have fun!" - I love immersive roleplay, compelling combat, clever problem solving, and a drive to develop one's characters. Above all that, making sure my Players all have fun together is my highest priority. "Well, I never thought of it like that..." - I try to make every encounter have a non-lethal option if the Player party is smart or clever enough to figure it out. "Take this story train off the rails!!" - I enjoy the challenge of improv as a DM, so I'd love to give you three options for you to find or create a fourth option. "Seducing the dragon will leave you burnt uncomfortably. Still want to try?" - Realistic consequences are found in my world: threaten a princess, and even with a nat 20, you couldn't talk your way out of the gallows... so don't be dumb... unless you really want to be ;)

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