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About me

Hi, I'm Lucas and a forever GM (by choice) for quite sometime. I started as a player but quickly became a GM, and never stopped GMing. I started with homebrew stories and settings, and eventually made my own, just to notice it wasn't as good as it could be and then I kept rebuilding it, because everytime I play, with a different group and different people, I feel like I can improve. In additional, I have been running some official adventure for different systems, which gives me a lot of different insights as well. I aim to make all the players have fun. I want everyone to have a good time and their characters to have their moments in the game. As Professionally GMing is my current full-time job, I am almost always online and can answer questions and help each player with anything.

GM style

Every game works differently and I can adjust to most types. I like a balanced adventure in most systems, with the same amount of combat and roleplaying. Some sessions might be full of roleplaying, while other might be full of combat, but I will always try to balance these aspects. I enjoy understanding the system so I can create balanced scenarios and extras, like encounters, items, effects, rules or anything else. Every end of session, I like to ask my players what they want to see next, so I will tweak the game towards each preference as much as I can.

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