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Hello there. I am Lucas Romero, I started playing ttrpgs with my father when I was 8 years old, and I haven´t stopped since then. During that time I have come to love playing the role of DM, creating worlds for my friends to inhabit and live adventures in. For me, ttrpgs give me the opportunity to participate in creating a story with others, a story that no one knows how it ends. That shared experience helped me to relate to others, and to give my friends a moment of adventure and joy each weekend. Now I want to use the skills that I acquired during a decade and a half of DMing to make a career out of it, hoping to share good stories with new people and live from my favorite form of entertainment/art.

GM style

GM style: I love DM games that allow the players to decide the path of the campaign. Both in and out of character. I am not here to tell a story to you, we are here to make a story together. This doesn't mean that I will never say no to players, but if the party wants to go away from the path that I had originally planned for the campaign, I will make a new path for you. The party wants to desert the army, ok now you can play as outlaws. The party wants to ally with the BBG, ok you can join the dark lord and try to become his henchmen or replace him. The party wants to investigate that setting detail that I mentioned off-hand... give me some time and I will make an adventure out of it. I like to have a part of the playtime dedicated to roleplay, for the players to interact with NPCs, discuss the course of action in character, and express their character's personality. But I will not ask anybody to be a professional actor or to roleplay every interaction. And depending on the game, adventure, and taste of the group the amount of time dedicated to RP will vary, but never disappear. In combat, I like to play the enemies as they would act, which means that against savage beasts their actions can be predictable, but intelligent enemies will try to use that intelligence to win. On the other hand, intelligent enemies may surrender or run if they see that the battle is lost. About rules: In general, I play with RAW, but only as long as the rules don´t violently break common sense. And I don't mind a little power gaming, as long as you don't use it to hog the spotlight and ruin other people's fun. My preparation (aka Semi-sandbox): My normal approach to preparing a game is a semi sandbox: First I create or take a world and fill it with NPCs and factions with different interests, then I create a crisis and give the players an in on the crisis. From there the players have to decide what to do, and I react using the worldbuilding that I did before as a base. If the players need it, that reaction could involve a push or lead to keep them in movement. But I will not force you to take any particular path. Out of character, I like to be open to feedback and ideas from my players. So if the party is tired of fighting too much or too little, or will like to explore a particular element of the setting, I will adapt the story to that. Even when DMing a pre-made campaign or a more structured story, I like to give the players freedom. What to bring to the game: The only obligation that I ask is that everybody takes into consideration the fun of the full party. If a player does things that jeopardize the enjoinment of the group, as a DM I will not create artificial walls to prevent their actions. I will talk to them as adults. And if the problem attitude persists I will quick that person out of the game. And in the same line: I will not tolerate bigotry or bullying in any form. What I bring to my games: Experience teaching rules to new players. Lots of cool NPCs (with portraits). An open adventure in a world that changes based on your actions. Lots of maps and the knowledge of how to make maps in Dungeondraft. Portraits of your PCs (I am not a professional illustrator, but I like to draw). Years of experience in improvising storytelling hand by hand with a love for making a good prep. PD: all my games are LGBT+ friendly.

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