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Lorai the Loremaster

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About me

Funny, beautiful, sad, emotional and surprising roleplay moments are what make D&D for me. I believe that any TTRPG story shines most when the GM and the players tell it together and have a lot of fun while doing so. I'm a 21- year old law student who has been delving deep into D&D for several years now. I don't have much experience with classical D&D, residing mostly on Planet Homebrew, so that means my games can be a little different from the classics. When I run pre-written content, I tend to personalise it to the players, the style I'm going for and other things. That way, no two campaigns - even in the same Adventure - are ever the same and players have a lot of freedom! I hope you'll find it enganging and refreshing; I'm happy to personalise for your needs! Creating a safe and inclusive space is important to me, that means that I'll always take your boundaries into account and you can message me about anything at any time!

GM style

I love providing an immersive and well-though-out world for the players to roam in and choose their own fates. History, magic and personal interaction are all things I like to feature in my games, but I also roll with and happily provide some levity and wackiness at the table. Bad puns are my forte, be warned. If you like digging deep into a character, no matter how experienced you are at it, you'll probably enjoy my games. If you like encountering wacky NPC's with lives of their own to befriend, make enemies of, or play beard-pong with (yes, you read that right), you've also come to the right place. I always try to add in a healthy dose of combat, always with some form of narrative sense. In campaigns, that averages about 1-2 times per 2 sessions, depending on the story. In one-shots, usually 4-5 opportunities that the players can mostly avoid/work around. Definitely a rule-of-cool kind of person, creativity and descriptions are welcome and supported!


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