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Hey guys, my username is LongWayFromKent, but you can call me Kent. I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for just at 14 years and have been a dungeon master for 11. I started out in 3.5, played a bit of 4e, and have now been playing 5e for the majority of my career. Over the past 3 years, I have created a homebrew world that I would now like to premier and allow people to explore. Research and love and more research has been put in to the point that I now have a vast world with a rich history as well as its own social hierarchy as well as home brew creatures that need to be explored and overcome. But guess what, I cant explore what I built. At least, not by myself. So I would like to find a group of players looking to pull a Star Trek and go where no one has gone before in order to help me make sure the last 3 years have not been in vane. Are you willing to help me out?

GM style

I'm a generous DM that enjoys roleplay over combat. With that being said, when combat is in play, I try to make it tactical and free flowing as to not slow down the action that has been created. I have homebrewed a good bit over the years to try and make my players connect to their characters and feel powerful when doing so. So, the rule of cool is the one rule always followed.

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